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COMPASSpoint 2015: The annual FCT EXPERT/ease mortgage market review

Mar 15th, 2016 | FCT

Offering brokers direction for the year ahead Well, it’s that time of year again: time for everyone to take stock of 2015’s news, trends and learnings in an attempt to glean a…

Hacking time management: part two

Feb 29th, 2016 | FCT

Why asking “what if” is the most valuable use of your time We’re told that real estate is always going be more valuable eventually because there’s only so much of it. We’re…

Hacking time management: part one

Feb 26th, 2016 | FCT

Just say “no” and other miracles “The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that successful people say no to almost everything.” ~ Warren Buffett Warren Buffett isn’t alone. Steve Jobs was…

Happiness: a cautionary tale for 2016

Jan 25th, 2016 | FCT

Business is hard; people are challenging; goals are important. Right? Not necessarily, not 24/7—in fact, there’s much to be gained by being loose and indulging our bodies’ sometimes mysterious rhythms, according to…

Here come the hackers: Airbnb’s pricing algorithm

Nov 9th, 2015 | FCT

Ladies and gentlemen, they’re in the financial services room, hackers are—and the real estate marketplace is about to undergo a sea-change. Here’s but one example: the online short-term rental giant Airbnb had…

Financial services “scrums”—fail early, fail fast

Nov 4th, 2015 | FCT

In our EXPERT/ease special feature this month, we’re taking a deep dive into the world of persuasion and failure and the completely improbable relationship between the two. Failure isn’t something most people…

Today’s real estate forecast: cloud-y

Oct 5th, 2015 | FCT

You say you barely remember, way back in (say) 2008, when that “cloud thing” first hit? Let EXPERT/ease refresh your memory: In 2008, boxes of software began to disappear. CDs became obsolete…

Midsummer Night’s Data | hello, Calgary

Sep 15th, 2015 | FCT

It’s sundown here at EXPERT/ease HQ. We’re on the south porch, on a perfect high summer evening, a beverage in one hand and a stack of housing data in the other.  Let’s…

Real estate: it’s sociology, folks – Part II

Aug 6th, 2015 | FCT

Attachment is one powerful emotion: when a 2001 study took a hard look at attachment to home, neighbourhood and city, guess which attachments were strongest? To house and city—and not to neighbourhood….

Real estate: it’s sociology, folks — Part I

Aug 4th, 2015 | FCT

Real estate is rarely studied as a consumer behaviour; perhaps that’s because culturally real estate is so closely linked to what sociologists call social status signals—how we think we cue others about…