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FCT is your trusted partner in the fight against real estate fraud

Apr 14th, 2016 | Renzo Farronato

Real estate fraud continues to be on the rise and unfortunately, commercial transactions are no exception. But with FCT in your corner, we can work together to stop fraud before it has…

Need a reason to choose FCT for commercial title insurance? Forget about one — we’ll give you 10!

Mar 21st, 2016 | Renzo Farronato

As Vice-President, Commercial Solutions, I am responsible for leading and growing the Commercial Solutions Division here at FCT. To accomplish this, my team listens to what our commercial customers are saying they…

FCT Commercial Services: 20 years, 200,000 policies and stronger than ever!

Sep 28th, 2015 | Renzo Farronato

We’ve just sold our 200,000th commercial policy and we couldn’t be more excited! Thank you! As Vice-President of Commercial Solutions here at FCT, I wanted to take a moment to thank Shawn…

Evidence of the overlooked “middle child” of the commercial real estate industry

Aug 5th, 2014 | Paul Miron

Last week we touched upon the role of the commercial tenants in a real estate transaction – the so-called “middle child” of the real estate industry – wedged between the mandated requirements…

Commercial tenants: The overlooked “middle child” of the real estate industry

Jul 30th, 2014 | Paul Miron

Wedged between the mandated requirements of the lender and the well-protected needs of property owners, lies a grey area — a middle child, if you will. This “middle child” of the title…

The Value of Commercial Title Insurance

Apr 16th, 2014 | Paul Miron

During my 11 years in the title insurance industry I’ve been often asked the question: “What is the value of title insurance?” This is invariably followed by a comment like: “We have…