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Property Owners

Canada’s seniors are vulnerable to title fraud

Mar 23rd, 2023 | By FCT

With title fraud on the rise in Canada, it’s more important than ever that homeowners get protected. But there’s one group both less likely to have fraud protection, and with properties more…

Legal Professionals

How can identity theft lead to real estate fraud?

Mar 9th, 2023 | By FCT

Scenario: your client’s ID has been stolen. They’re worried someone could claim their tax rebate or even take out a loan in their name. But you know that they’re in even worse…

Property Owners

How do I know if I have homeowner’s title insurance?

Mar 2nd, 2023 | By FCT

The word is out on title fraud. Thanks to recent media attention on the growing problem, more Canadians are learning how title insurance can protect them. But many are left asking themselves:…

Property Owners

Fraud is on the rise, and the experts are rising to meet it

Feb 23rd, 2023 | By FCT

March marks Fraud Prevention Month, when professionals across Canada discuss the issue of fraud and raise awareness among consumers and businesses. 2023’s conversation started early, when dozens of title fraud cases made…

Property Owners

Alberta title fraud caught: why expertise matters

Feb 13th, 2023 | By FCT

Think title fraud is just a risk in places like Toronto and Vancouver? Think again. FCT just prevented $400,000 of fraud in a city of 20,000. It seemed like a standard refinance…

Property Owners

How can homeowners protect themselves against title fraud?

Jan 25th, 2023 | By FCT

With news stories surrounding title fraud breaking weekly, more homeowners are asking what they can do to protect their homes before they become the next headline. Daniela DeTommaso, President of FCT, addressed…

Legal Professionals

Toronto title thefts show the importance of proper protection

Jan 12th, 2023 | By FCT

Toronto police recently issued a release detailing the theft of an Etobicoke home while the owners were away for business. While they were gone, two people allegedly impersonated them, listed the home,…

Legal Professionals

Coffee Break with Brendan Fagan

Jul 28th, 2022 | By FCT

Even the simplest real estate deals present risks and complications. Navigating them takes skill, experience and judgement. Brendan Fagan brings all three to the industry-leading underwriting team at FCT. In this edition…

Legal Professionals

Land assembly: an answer to the question of housing supply?

Jul 7th, 2022 | By FCT

What is land assembly? Land assembly is the joining of multiple adjacent parcels of land to form a single site that can be used to construct a larger property. Because vacant land…