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What types of claims do we pay through Home Protection Solutions?

Did you know that a new homeowner can be free from the worry of replacing major features of their home for a year or so after buying it? That’s the peace of mind Home Protection Solutions from FCT offers.

Our Home Protection Plans include an 18-month warranty and up to $20,000 in warranty coverage for major household features such as foundation, roof, heating, and cooling.

Want to know what types of claims we pay through Home Protection Solutions? Here’s a breakdown of our claims in 2019.

Home Protection Solutions

Claims happen. We’re here to help.

In 2019 to date, our highest paid claim was for a home’s foundation which amounted to $7,910.

What claims do we see most often?

What is the average claim amount in each category?

EasyFund by the numbers6 Months is the average time from the start of a warranty until the first claim. Enjoy your home. We’ve got the rest.

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