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Mortgage Simplified

There’s an easier way to work through all the paperwork. Leave it to FCT. We’ve modernized the instructing, processing, reporting, document-handling, funding, and statement requesting for residential mortgages.

Making the mortgage process faster and more efficient

FCT brings deal information for lenders and legal professionals together in a single place. We support and enhance collaboration, improve accuracy, and enable easy document management.
Once we’re integrated into your processes and systems, you’ll find significant workflow efficiencies and benefits. Talk with us to determine the best solutions for you and your team.

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It’s Simple

A single point of contact for instructing, communicating and funding during a mortgage transaction. 

User friendly

Integrated into your current systems, it will simplify the day-to-day tasks of your team.


FCT adheres to regulatory and compliance requirements that legal professionals and lenders face.


One location for all interactions and communications between legal professionals and lenders.

Why lenders choose FCT

A better way of doing business.

Depending on your level of need, FCT can assemble all mortgage instructions, manage communications and agreements with legal professionals, request final documents, and aggregate and facilitate funding or we can simply support improved communication for smoother processing.

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