Valuation Solutions from FCT

The optimal choice for accurate, data-driven, low risk appraisals.

This game-changing approach uses proprietary, automated technology, coupled with the expertise of the best appraisers in the industry.

Our solutions include an exclusive and innovative insurance product – regardless of the valuation product the property qualifies for. This unique offering assists lenders in reducing property valuation risk, lowering application costs, and improving funding rates and customer experience.

PVII – Property Valuation Indemnity Insurance
Our exclusive insurance wrapper offered on all FCT’s valuation products. 

iLRV – Insured Low Ratio Valuation
Our proprietary insurance product built for low ratio values generated by CMHC’s low ratio emili product.

iAVM – Insured Automated Valuation Model
Instant market value estimate based on property attributes and the most comprehensive data integrations and machine-learning algorithms. The automated value is provided through our AVM partners: Teranet, MPAC, JLR and Landcor. 

iAAP – Insured Appraiser Assisted Program
An estimate of value supported by the industry’s richest data and analytics, coupled with the expertise of a certified appraiser; the results are communicated to lenders within hours.

Designated appraisers will complete traditional desk-top, drive-by and full appraisals, but rather than spending time sourcing data in order to provide a valuation, FCT will gather the data for them so they can provide their expertise faster and more efficiently.

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