Promeric Technologies Inc. launches exciting new partnership with Momentuum

Promeric Technologies Inc. launches exciting new partnership with Momentuum to create an integrated experience for Canadian recovery professionals

LONDON, Ontario, Canada, December 2, 2015 —Promeric Technologies Inc., a subsidiary of FCT, has entered into an exciting partnership with Momentuum, a leading provider of purpose-built SaaS Solutions. The two companies will combine their expertise to develop integrated products that span the recovery life cycle for recovery professionals in Canada.

Amanda Calvert, Vice-President, Promeric Technologies Inc., explains Promeric’s newest partnership: “At Promeric, we are constantly seeking new ways to innovate and provide value to the Canadian financial restructuring industry. Through our partnership with Momentuum, we will increase the speed to market of products related to estate management; consumer proposal and bankruptcy solutions; and customer relationship management, at the same time ensuring complete alignment with the goals and objectives of the trustee community.

“Alongside Momentuum, we will transform the recovery process by facilitating additional automation and electronic integration with the key players in the industry, including lenders, Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB), credit bureaus, etc. We will be able to offer our customers a simpler, faster process while maintaining superior security levels. Working with Momentuum will give Promeric and its customers that all-important edge.”

John Arcuri, CEO of Momentuum, elaborates on the partnership and what it means to Canadian recovery professionals: “At Momentuum, we continuously challenge ourselves to deliver solutions that help financial restructuring firms drive both their top- and bottom-line results, while enhancing their overall internal working environments and improving their clients’ customer service experience. We are excited about the opportunity to work with Promeric to find innovative ways to automate and digitize file intake, OSB filing, payments, claims, taxes and statements, all the while enhancing ongoing customer communication and correspondence.”

About FCT

Founded in 1991, the FCT group of companies is based in Oakville, Ontario, and has over 800 employees across the country. The group provides industry-leading title insurance, default solutions and other real- estate-related products and services to approximately 1,250 lenders, 43,000 legal professionals and 5,000 recovery professionals, as well as real estate agents, mortgage brokers and builders, nationwide.

FCT has been recognized by Achievers as one of the 50 most engaged workplaces in Canada since 2012 and in 2015 was named one of the top 50 workplaces in Canada* by Great Place to Work® The FCT group of companies includes FCT Insurance Company Ltd. which provides title and valuation insurance, with the exception of commercial title policies, which are provided jointly by FCT Insurance Company Ltd. and the Canadian branch of First American Title Insurance Company. Services are provided by First Canadian Title Company Limited.

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About Momentuum

Momentuum is a Canadian provider of purpose-built SaaS Solutions, which focus on delivering innovative ways to satisfy the needs of Canadian financial restructuring practices by providing flexible trustee-focused business applications, all within a secure, responsive and flexible environment. Momentuum’s Insolvency File Administration Software (FileAssure) has revolutionized the way consumer proposals and bankruptcies are administered across Canada by changing the very essence of how financial restructuring firms communicate with their customers, structure their operations and administer their client’s files. FileAssure’s web-based, modular approach has proven to help a financial  restructuring firm grow their practice, while streamlining their back office.


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Tanya Fowler
Marketing Strategist, FCT’s Default Solutions

John Arcuri
Chief Executive Officer, Momentuum