Notary Jacques Laferriäre joins FCT as Director, Product and Business Development for Quebec

St-Laurent, Quebec, March 7, 2014 –Mr. Laurent Nadeau, FCT’s Chief Executive Officer, Quebec, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Jacques Laferrière, Notary, as the new Director, Products and Business Development in Quebec.

“Mr. Laferrière brings over 20 years of experience in real estate law to FCT. In his role, he will oversee a team of experienced notaries and paralegals in the development of insurance products and services for lenders. He will also be responsible for business development in Quebec”, explained Mr. Nadeau.

Mr. Laferrière’s career path reflects his positive outlook and passion to serve both his customers and his community. Together with his spouse, they built the very respected notary practice of Laferrière-Gravel. Mr. Laferrière now leaves the practice to his spouse, Dominique Gravel, Notary. In addition, Mr. Laferrière has been devoted to youth development in his community through his long term involvement with the Optimist Movement where he holds the title of Life Member and Distinguished President of the Duvernay chapter in Laval.

Mr. Laferrière holds a degree in legal letter, LL.L., and a Masters in Notarial Law, D.D.N., from the University of Sherbrooke.

About FCT

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