FCT Unveils It’s Newest Product – EasyFund

OAKVILLE, ONTARIO, May 19, 2015 — FCT is proud to announce its newest product aimed at helping legal professionals work more efficiently: EasyFund.

Through FCT’s LLC portal, EasyFund offers legal professionals the ability to securely manage the transfer of real estate closing funds online, effectively reducing the need for certified cheques, bank drafts, direct deposits and couriers.

Lori Sartor, Vice-President, Residential Solutions explains the rationale behind this cutting-edge offering: “FCT is committed to partnering with legal professionals across the country to create solutions that save time, money and reduces risk. We truly value the relationships we have built with law firms, big and small, and are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to add value to all of our interactions. EasyFund is yet another way we hope to do just that.”

Currently in pilot, EasyFund is being tested by a number of diverse law firms within the Greater Toronto Area to garner user feedback before its official launch in Ontario later this year.

“I’m excited to take part in the EasyFund Pilot,” says Jerry Korman of Korman LLP located in Mississauga, Ontario.

Jerry, goes on to say: “Having a product like EasyFund available to me is a game-changer. It enables me to securely manage the transfer of real estate funds online, when and where it’s most convenient for me. This is going to be a huge asset for me and my team to help increase efficiency, while more easily managing the risk associated with an out-of-date, paper-based payment system. Thank you to FCT for understanding one of our profession’s biggest processing pain points and doing something about it!”

To learn more about EasyFund from FCT, please contact us at info@fct.ca.

About FCT

Founded in 1991, the FCT group of companies is based in Oakville, Ontario, and has over 800 employees across the country. The group provides industry-leading title insurance, default solutions and other real-estate-related products and services to approximately 1,250 lenders, 43,000 legal professionals and 5,000 recovery professionals, as well as real estate agents, mortgage brokers and builders, nationwide.

For more information on FCT, please visit the company website at www.fct.ca.

† The FCT group of companies includes First Canadian Title Company Limited, which provides services, FCT Insurance Company Ltd. which provides title and valuation insurance, and First American Title Insurance Company, which provides commercial policies jointly with FCT Insurance Company Ltd.


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