FCT Supports Lac Megantic Reconstruction and Offers Free Title Insurance to Residents

LAC-MEGANTIC, QUEBEC, January 7, 2014 – Laurent Nadeau, CEO FCT Quebec, Canada’s leading provider of title insurance announced that FCT would provide free title insurance policies for a year to residents and businesses affected by the July 6 derailment who are refinancing their homes or buying new homes. In addition, the FCT Charitable Foundation (FCTCF) provided $2,675 to the Red Cross for Disaster Relief efforts in Lac Megantic.

“We are very touched by the expressions of solidarity and generosity towards the citizens of LacMegantic. This support will really be appreciated by our residents who have to relocate”, said Colette Laroche, Mayor of Lac-Megantic.

“One of FCT’s values is a “passion to serve” and this extends to our local community,” said Mr. Nadeau.

“Our employees have been affected by the events in LacMegantic and engaged in fundraising events and donations across Canada to the FCT Charitable Foundation for local disaster relief.” “I am also pleased to advise that FCT will waive its fees for mortgage loan and/or homeowner title insurance for local residents and businesses needing to move or refinance their properties as a result of the accident. Our partner, local Notary Me Alain Talbot has kindly agreed to facilitate these transactions on FCT’s behalf,” said Mr. Nadeau.

“I am happy to partner with FCT to begin the reconstruction of my community,” said Me. Alain Talbot. “FCT’s title insurance provides homeowners and business investors with the benefits of its protection and at the same time it will reduce the time and cost of the real estate transaction.” Residents and businesses wishing to enquire about the free coverage may contact Me. Alain Talbot at his office located at 3428, rue Laval, or by telephone (819) 583-5556 or e-mail at atalbot@notarius.net.

About the FCT Charitable Foundation

FCTCF is a registered charity licensed by the Canada Revenue Agency, with a mandate to alleviate poverty and homelessness, as well as to provide scholarships for post secondary education in the communities in which FCT operates. FCT operates nationally and has regional offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Hamilton, Oakville, London, Montreal, Moncton and Dartmouth. The FCTCF is governed and operated by FCT employees. FCT employees are directly empowered to select and support local charities in the region in which they work. Through their local charity selections, employees also influence where FCT corporate charitable donations will be distributed in each region.

About FCT

Founded in 1991, FCT is an Oakville, Ontario based company with over 800 employees across the country. FCT provides industry-leading title insurance, default solutions and other real-estate-related services to more than 300 lenders, 15,000 legal professionals and 5,000 recovery professionals, as well as real estate agents, mortgage brokers and builders, nationwide.

For more information on FCT, please visit the company website at www.FCT.ca.

FCT has been recognized as one of the 50 most engaged workplaces in Canada in 2012 by Achievers. The FCT group of companies includes FCT Insurance Company Ltd. which provides title insurance, with the exception of commercial policies, which are provided by the Canadian branch of First American Title Insurance Company. Services are provided by First Canadian Title Company Limited. FCT’s Quebec office is located in St. Laurent and operates with 50 employees.


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