FCT & Aktiv Kapital Join Forces

London’s, FCT & Aktiv Kapital join forces to enhance Corporate Distressed Debt Management

LONDON, ONTARIO, February 11, 2013 – FCT & Aktiv Kapital, two companies providing superior services to lenders with distressed debt, are combining their expertise to enhance debt and default management solutions.

Aktiv Kapital is a premier distressed debt investment company which recovers non-performing consumer receivables through customer focused approaches in Canada as well as in 14 European countries. FCT through its Default Solutions Division is an industry-leading provider of management solutions for collections and recovery.

FCT‘s debt collection agency management platform, CollectLink, and insolvency management platform, InsolvencyLink, will now be integrated into the management of Aktiv Kapital Group’s distressed debt portfolios in Canada, leveraging FCT’s managed service offering.

“Aktiv Kapital emphasizes integrity and respect when dealing with customers. FCT’s CollectLink & InsolvencyLink allows us to implement our business values into these management platformsand provide real time information on third party vendors,” said Rod Hooktwith, Country Manager, Aktiv Kapital Canada. “Through this alliance, lenders now have another option in managing their defaulted portfolios.”

“We are delighted to be working with Aktiv Kapital Canada,” said Todd Skinner, Vice President Default Solutions, FCT. “Lending clients can feel confident that the trusted processes and procedures of FCT will be applied to Aktiv Kapital acquired portfolios in Canada thereby providing peace of mind.”

FCT’s London, Ontario office has been in operation since 1998. It is located on Dundas Street and currently employs 150 people. Aktiv Kapital Canada’s London, Ontario services and sourcing operation also began in 1998 and is located on Dufferin Avenue with 60 employees.

About FCT

Founded in 1991, FCT is an Oakville, Ontario based company with over 800 employees across the country. FCT provides industry-leading title insurance, default solutions and other real-estate-related services to more than 300 lenders, 15,000 legal professionals and 5,000 recovery professionals, as well as real estate agents, mortgage brokers and builders, nationwide.

For more information on FCT, please visit the company website at www.FCT.ca.

FCT has been recognized as one of the 50 most engaged workplaces in Canada in 2012 by Achievers. The FCT group of companies includes FCT Insurance Company Ltd. which provides title insurance, with the exception of commercial policies, which are provided by the Canadian branch of First American Title Insurance Company. Services are provided by First Canadian Title Company Limited.

About Aktiv Kapital Canada

Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, Aktiv Kapital has operations in 9 countries and the Norwegian company Aktiv Kapital Portfolio AS, acting through its Zug branch (Switzerland) is a leading investor in nonperforming consumer loan portfolios in Europe and Canada; having acquired more than 2,000 portfolios across 15 jurisdictions. Aktiv Kapital has over 20 years of experience and more than 7 million customers. Aktiv Kapital Acquisitions Inc. (Canada) and Aktiv Kapital Portfolio AS, Oslo, Zugbranch (Switzerland) are 100% affiliates of Geveran Trading Co Ltd. Geveran acquired full ownership of Aktiv Kapital in July of 2012, prior to which the company was traded on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

For more information about Aktiv Kapital please visit www.aktivkapital.com.


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