Managed Mortgage Solution (MMS)

Managed Mortgage Solutions (MMS) is a solution within the LLC platform, which offers a single point of contact for instructing, communicating, and funding during a mortgage transaction.

Lenders using our MMS program are typically mortgage finance companies, credit unions, and smaller Schedule I lenders.

What you can expect from MMS via LLC

  • Easy access to solicitor instructions from the portal, eliminating the need for fax and creating a consistent experience across all MMS lenders.
  • Enhanced communications with the MMS operations team via the notes function.
  • Regular updates on your deal so you never miss a milestone; from solicitor conditions/broker conditions being satisfied, lender authorization to release funds, to deal funded.
  • A secured document repository with 24/7 access.
  • Increased productivity with pre-funding and closing documents uploaded to the platform, identification verification form, and statutory declaration editable PDFs.
  • Streamlined processes with the Request for Funds (RFF) and the final report generated and submitted electronically, standardized across all MMS lenders.
  • More protection with each MMS transaction being title insured by FCT (lender policy).

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Specific products and features may vary by province, please contact your business development manager for details.