Managed Mortgage Solution (MMS)

MMS is a solution to help manage residential real estate transactions faster, easier and with less paperwork. It’s a single point of contact for instructing, communicating and facilitating funding during a mortgage transaction.

MMS via Lender Lawyer Connect (LLC) allows you to:

  • manage and process the majority of your deals through one convenient platform;
  • save time, reduce effort and track deals from start to finish;
  • communicate better with the MMS operations team through the electronic notes feature;
  • access a secure document repository;
  • obtain solicitor instructions directly;
  • work faster by uploading documents directly to the platform; and
  • order an FCT homeowner policy easily via the platform.

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    The FCT Tracker app offers legal professionals an easy way to track the status of their residential title insurance, Managed Mortgage Solution (MMS) and Lender Lawyer Connect® (LLC®) deals on mobile or tablet devices.

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