E&O Extra and E&O Extra with Protection +

As a legal professional, mitigating risk is what you do. Make sure you are fully covered by adding FCT’s E&O Extra and E&O Extra Protection + Policy to your FCT title-insured commercial transactions.

E&O Extra and E&O Extra Protection + allow you to offer your legal services with complete confidence by supplementing your current mandatory errors and omissions coverage and giving you comprehensive coverage through FCT title insured transactions.

Our E&O Extra Policy ensures you are not financially affected by claims not covered under the title insurance policy that are defended by your primary errors and omissions insurer. If there is a real estate claim against you by a client who is FCT title insured, we will reimburse you for your deductible and the premium surcharge resulting from the claim (depending on coverage available within your province).

The E&O Extra Protection + is your first line of defense after title insurance. It offers you the ability to make things right with your clients for smaller claims where it wouldn’t make financial sense to initiate a claim against your mandatory E&O coverage.

Don’t leave your practice vulnerable. Ask your FCT representative about our E&O Extra Policy, available to legal professionals practicing across Canada (excluding Quebec and Territories).