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Feb 19th, 2016 | By FCT

How FCT is using your feedback to improve the MMS experience

For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Colleen Reitzel and I’m the Chief Customer Officer at FCT. My role is to listen to the collective voice of FCT’s customers and ensure that it is heard. As a company, we solicit your feedback (aka “voice”) in many ways; the most common being through surveys.

Why your voice matters

Surveys are a very important tool to allow us to identify both strengths and areas for improvement. For customers, they allow you to openly express your opinion and impact the tools and services you use daily. We then use this feedback to strengthen our partnerships with you by providing real and long-lasting value through effective action-planning.

We’ve heard you, loud and clear

Your answers to our recent survey questions regarding the Managed Mortgage Solution (MMS) experience have made us take another look at how we think about our business, right across Canada.

Thank you so much — your input has been invaluable to us.

We’re taking action

Using your input, we have been able to fine-tune MMS and provide clear tactics to make it better. This has been a collaborative process with our lenders to ensure we stand by our brand promise of Experience Excellence®. Here are a few things we’ll be doing differently in Q1 2016 to improve your experience with MMS:

Enhancing our expertise for more effective interactions
  • We are investing in our Customer Service Representatives to serve you better and more efficiently at every touch point.
Eliminating redundancy to reduce paperwork
  • We have engaged a third-party law firm to review our mortgage instructions in an effort to minimize redundancy in the existing mortgage instructions.
Integrating technologies to streamline processes
  • We are focusing on the MMS and Lender Lawyer Connect® (LLC®) integration throughout 2016 to ensure an improved experience for you going forward. To do so, we will be implementing the following targeted changes:
    • The Request for Funds (RFF) and Final Report will be standardized across all MMS lenders and will be submitted electronically through LLC
    • Three new milestone updates will be introduced to keep you informed throughout the process, including when:
      • Broker conditions are satisfied;
      • Solicitor conditions are satisfied; and when
      • The deal has been funded.
    • Automated online “Confirm Closing” process will be available for completion online via LLC
    • The RFF form will automatically populate with the closing date and mortgage amount, eliminating manual paper-based updates

I’m here to hear you

As you can see, your voice makes a difference and we always want to hear from you. If you have questions, comments or concerns, feel free to contact me directly. I’m here and ready to listen.

®Registered Trademark of First American Financial Corporation.

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