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Jul 17th, 2020 | By FCT

The last few months have forced many businesses to adopt new methods to meet the needs of their customers. The innovative ways in which they have responded are truly inspiring.

FCT’s real estate customers also faced the following challenges in running their businesses:

  • The inability to close deals on time due to in-person signing limitations.
  • In some cases, the closure of registry offices made it impossible to register deals.
  • Difficulties associated with the transfer of closing funds and the witnessing of signed documents.

Supporting you and your clients

Being invested in our customers means that we do the worrying for you and our proven experience and trusted products are there to safeguard your business when you need it most.

The following products were adopted by many real estate professionals during the last few months to help with the challenges they faced.


Makes it easier to close deals when you are working remotely. A very helpful tool to manage the transfer of real estate closing funds online. It reduces the need for certified cheques, bank drafts, direct deposits and couriers, saving you time, money and reducing risk.*

An alternative solution for in-person signing services for Broker Platinum Programs

FCT will contact your borrower to arrange for the scheduling of a virtual witnessing appointment. Your borrower will receive the mortgage document package in advance of the signing. FCT will provide instructions on what to expect before, during and after the signing, following which, funding can take place.

Extended Gap Coverage 

With this coverage, you can minimize the impact of the delays caused by the pandemic to your businesses. In the event there is a disruption to provincial land titles/registry offices, the Extended Gap Coverage allows you to unconditionally advance mortgage funds and close your transactions even when closing documents are not registered on the same day.

At FCT, we’re invested in you. We will continue to adapt and innovate to meet your evolving needs even as the world adjusts to meet the changing realities of our new normal.

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