Three tips to improve your mental health

May 6th, 2021 | By FCT

As we mark this year’s Mental Health Week, it can feel like stress has become a way of life in a world on pause. Those of us working from home have had to come to grips with life and work merging full-time. Beyond the pressures of work, renters looking to buy have spent the last year of stay-at-home orders watching a market that seems truly out of control. It’s a lot to deal with, and a year of distancing measures and increasingly toxic social media bubbles have left many of us feeling more isolated than ever.

But nobody’s in this alone. This year, more than ever before, mental health struggles are coming from shared anxieties and experiences. That changes the conversation when it comes to talking about and improving mental health and offers a chance to move on from stigma towards real change. Small steps can make a huge difference to your stress and state of mind.

Think about your media diet

It’s easy to just doomscroll through your social feed, or let the TV replay the same bad news every hour. Breaking that cycle takes effort, but it’s worth it. Make a point of making time for yourself outside of your news and social media diet—do something that makes you happy, whether it’s a game, a walk, or just catching up on your favourite show. Each time you consciously carve out that “you” time will come more easily than the last.

Reach out to loved ones

Just because you can’t visit friends and loved ones in person, that shouldn’t stop you from connecting with them. Even just venting or letting the people you love vent can be an enormous help. Don’t underestimate the power of being heard. It’s easy to think that since there are people who have it worse, your problems don’t matter—the stress you feel is valid, and just having someone listen will help you internalize that. There’s real power in giving voice to how you’re feeling, and in doing the same for others.

Be kind to yourself

It’s easy to become your own worst critic, chastising yourself when you make a mistake or fall short of your own expectations. But in isolation, you lose a great deal of the contact that normally balances out the self-criticism with support. It takes practice, but being kind to yourself is vital to your mental health. When you say something to yourself, take a moment and ask “Would I have said that to a friend?” If saying it to your friend would have hurt them, saying it to yourself hurts you. Treat yourself more like a friend and you’ll feel that inner voice start to work with you, not against you.

At FCT, we’ve felt and understand the strain of this past year. We’ve put support structures in place for our team as we face what is hopefully the home stretch of this pandemic, and whatever challenges wait for us afterwards. We appreciate being recognized last year by Great Place to Work® on their list of Best Workplaces for Mental Wellness, and look forward to continuing to support mental wellness efforts in the years to come. Opening up and showing vulnerability around stress and mental health takes real strength. Let’s find that strength together.


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