Three reasons you should use FCT Broker Tracker

Jan 24th, 2019 | By FCT

We launched FCT Broker Tracker earlier this week in response to the needs of our broker partners. You asked for a way to stay up-to-date on all your deals, and we delivered!

FCT Broker Tracker is a platform that allows you to track deals, receive real-time alerts, and connect with our service experts in a click. Our secure technology also keeps your deal related data confidential.

So, why should you use this portal?

  1. To save time: We know that convenience is key for busy professionals, so we ensured that you can easily sign up and navigate within the portal. You’ll also get real-time updates to help you track your deal progress. This portal also offers a “delegate” feature which allows you to add administrators or co-brokers who can help with the administration of your deals.
  2. To be able to act quickly: Whether you’re working on a simple deal or a more complex one, you can get help directly from FCT service experts through the “notes” feature. You will also get an alert if there are any potential issues with your deals closing.
  3. To provide a better customer experience: When you’re in the loop, you can keep your customers informed and address any questions or concerns they might have.

Try it for yourself by enrolling here. You can access it online or by downloading the app on iOS and Android.

If you have any questions about FCT Broker Tracker, ask us in the comments section!

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2 Responses to “Three reasons you should use FCT Broker Tracker”

  1. Sharon Corona says:

    I would like to enroll to use this service. As a newer mortgage agent, does my office have a sign in to track deals or do I sign up directly with you to follow my own clients? If so, following the Brokerage information, is it my personal information that you need or the Broker of Record? I do not see that my license number is requested, only the Brokerage (FSCO#).
    Thank you.

    • FCT says:

      Hi Sharon, thanks for your interest! You can sign up for FCT Broker Tracker directly, and you can add your license number in the field “Broker license ID” under the brokerage information. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at or 1.877.804.3113.

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