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The tale of a leaky roof and a defunct air conditioner


Picture this, a stately house nestled on a beautiful lot, on a street lined with majestic trees. Seems idyllic, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, sometimes those stately homes offer unwelcome surprises.

Seniha Ceylan found that out when she and her family moved into one.

After many years of living in a newer property, Seniha and her husband purchased an older home in Mississauga. As responsible homeowners, they requested a home inspection prior to the final purchase. They were given the all-clear, and went ahead and bought the house. While securing the mortgage, they were offered an FCT Home Protection Solutions warranty, which provides up to $20,000 in coverage for major household repair. Although she didn’t think they would need it, Seniha decided to take it…just in case. She would be very glad that she did.

Quick response and reliable coverage

Eight months after the move, one rainy night, the roof started to leak. The occupants stood in shock as water poured through the ceiling onto the floor, damaging the interior of the house. Seniha’s husband remembered the warranty from FCT.

First thing the following morning, Seniha contacted FCT. The representative was extremely helpful and provided all of the details she needed in order to submit her claim. Within a few days, she was informed that the damage would be covered by her warranty.

No sooner had one crisis passed when another reared its ugly head. On a hot, sunny Sunday the family came home to find that the air conditioner had stopped working. Two major expenses in a two-week period, totalling $13,526.00. The family was understandably, very upset.

Once again, Seniha was reassured by FCT that the cost of replacing the unit would be covered. She was impressed with the response, saying, “The service, the second time, again exceeded my expectations. The time between submitting the claim and getting it approved was incredibly quick and hassle-free.”

Protection that offers peace of mind

Being a homeowner means pride of ownership but it also means having to deal with unforeseen and unwelcomed expenses. A leaky roof, broken furnace or a defunct air conditioner…they all carry hefty price tags. A Home Protection Warranty from FCT not only protects you for 18 months with the previously mentioned coverage, but it also allows you to choose the contractor of your choice and eliminates any stressful waiting period. More importantly, it gives you peace of mind.

To find out more about the FCT Home Protection Plan and how it can help you, visit, contact us via email at or by phone at 1.855.640.1832.

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