Some like it hot…or cold

Aug 13th, 2020 | By FCT

“To know that FCT was here to help us out made a huge difference.”

Those words were spoken by Joelle Trudeau after her furnace and air conditioner both stopped working on the same day.

After less than five months in her new home, Joelle’s furnace and air conditioner both suddenly gave up. Both systems were past the point of repair—they needed to be replaced. The cost to replace, a whopping $11,399.44! Not the kind of news a homeowner likes to receive.

But Joelle had an advantage, a Home Protection Solutions (HPS) warranty with FCT.

Get peace of mind with Home Protection Solutions

Without a home protection warranty, Joelle would have been forced to pay for the replacement out of her own pocket. Luckily, because of her coverage, FCT stepped in and paid for the replacement of both units…at no additional cost to Joelle. The turnaround time between filing the claim and getting the new units was minimal.

Joelle expressed her relief by stating, “I wish to take the time to thank FCT personally. Your service is impeccable and you took the time to review our claim in a timely manner, it is really appreciated. It was stressful to know that we had to replace both units since we’ve been in the house for not even 5 months. To know that FCT was here to help us out made a huge difference.”

The last thing a new homeowner needs to worry about is unexpected expenses.  Our Home Protection Plans include an 18-month warranty and up to $20,000 in warranty coverage for major household features such as foundation, roof, heating, and cooling.

Let us help you take the worry out of homeownership with our warranty protection plans.

Check out  Home Protection Solutions to learn more or contact us at 1.855.640.1832 or email

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  1. Trisha says:

    I am maybe buying a home for $950,000 How much will title insurance cost me?

    • FCT says:

      Hi Trisha,
      I have forwarded your question to the appropriate contact and will provide you with an answer very shortly.


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