Meet Twane Boettinger, FCT’s “Volunteer of the Year” 2014

Jan 22nd, 2015 | By Michael LeBlanc

In December, FCT SVP Don MacLeod and I had the privilege of handing out FCT’s first “Volunteer of the Year” Award to Twane Boettinger at our annual Awards of Excellence Celebration.  Twane is a Program Manager in our IT Department in Oakville. Twane was nominated for this award by his peers for his volunteer work for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Since 2010, Twane has inspired his colleagues to participate in the “Relay for Life” that is held annually. Over the past 4 years, FCT’s Team “Fighting Cancer Together” (a riff on our name) have raised over $50,000 for the Relay. And FCT’s 3 teams were ranked in the Top 5 for fundraising efforts last year. Very impressive!

FCT made a contribution to a charity of Twane’s choice in recognition of his outstanding volunteer contribution.

I am very proud of Twane’s efforts, as I am of all FCT employees volunteer activities. In 2014, FCT also introduced a new policy to allow our employees to take a paid day off to volunteer in the community. In addition to all the employees participating in the Relay for Life, I have seen a number of volunteer days supporting a wide variety of charities and their operations.

I am looking forward to hearing about another year of FCT employee volunteering initiatives in 2015.

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