Is it Philanthropic to promote your own Philanthropy?

Jul 23rd, 2014 | By Michael LeBlanc

This year FCT and its employees have received some significant recognition and reached a number of milestones for our Corporate Philanthropy program. And while I am unbelievably proud of these achievements and want to shout them out to anyone who will listen, I am also struck by the apparent contradiction of being selfless in giving and at the same, tooting your own horn.

I put this issue to some of my colleagues who indicated to me that if we don’t toot our own horn, then no one will hear about it. And if they hear nothing about our corporate philanthropy efforts they won’t believe that we do anything. I also recognize that it is FCT’s Team of highly motivated employees who have contributed the lion’s share to this success, so it is for them that I am tooting this horn.

So in the spirit of sharing our activities and recognizing our employees’ greatness, I am absolutely delighted to tell you that:

  • This year marks the milestone of $300,000 in FCT/FCT Charitable Foundation donations to Habitat for  Humanity as well as the 150th Habitat for Humanity home we have title insured for free in Canada.
  •  It is also the 10th anniversary of FCT participating in the St Joseph Hospital Foundation Around the Bay race and we have raised $130,000 to date for research and treatment in Hamilton.
  • FCT received the Community Builder of the Year award from the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce’s Outstanding Business Achievement Awards in 2014.
  • FCT consistently places its teams in the Top 5 fundraisers for the Oakville Relay for Life in Support of Cancer Research- we were #1 and #3 this year!

And can you believe that there is still another half a year to go in 2014! Our employee-led FCT Charitable Foundation is very active and you can see all of the organizations that we support across the country by clicking on this link.

I am looking forward to more achievements in our corporate philanthropy program – but I am still struggling on the horn blowing.

One response to “Is it Philanthropic to promote your own Philanthropy?”

  1. Aline says:

    Another reason to toot your horn… sharing inspires others to give of themselves too.

    I felt the exact same struggle during the flood cleanup in Calgary last year. That’s what finally convinced me to share with people how I was able to help the affected communities and, if they asked, what they can do to help too.

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