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Nov 9th, 2017 | By FCT

We had another successful Take Our Kids to Work Day at FCT on November 1st! A group of 23 grade nine students joined us for the day to get a glimpse of the working world. We are happy to support this wonderful initiative and help shape the minds of our future workforce.

At FCT, we put a lot of hard work into developing a program that educates, inspires and engages our youth. Each year, we look for ways to make the program even more meaningful, so the students can leave feeling like they learned something new about the workplace, their parents and themselves.

Our program this year took the kids through the workday, starting with an introduction to FCT and what we do. They were also treated to FCT goodies and taken on a tour of our office. Each child had the opportunity to job shadow employees in areas of the business that they were interested in and got to build their resumes with the help of our HR team. We also had a panel of millennials across the organization, from legal to marketing, speak to the kids about their career paths and provide tips and advice for their future careers. Finally, the kids developed a new appreciation for their parents or guardians as they saw them in action through the afternoon.

The day proved to be memorable for the students, and here’s what they had to say about it:

“Something I will take through my high school years is ‘love what you do and do what you love!’”

“It’s now more clear to me what path I want to take and what steps I need to take to reach them.”

“It was great to learn that career paths are messed up. You’ll change, they will change and eventually you will find what you love.”

“I learned what title insurance is… I now somewhat understand”

“Today got me thinking a lot about my future and what things I might want to do. So thank you.”

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