How to get more protection from the risks you face

Sep 20th, 2018 | By FCT

After losing a property through power of sale, a borrower sued both the lender’s lawyer and the lender, seeking both general and punitive damages. The borrower alleged that there were improprieties in the sale process and claimed that the fees and interest charges under the mortgage were unreasonable. Thankfully, the lawyer had an E&O Extra® policy from FCT and was able to recoup the deductible and any claims history surcharge paid to her mandatory primary professional liability insurer.

We understand the risks that you face as a legal professional. We take care of you, so you can take better care of your clients. That’s why we’re including our annual E&O Extra® policy on every transaction you title insure with us. There’s no extra cost to you or your firm—when you title insure your deals with FCT, you’re automatically protected under our policy.

This is just one of the ways we offer more protection than any other title insurance company in Canada. Simply click below to sign up for your E&O Extra® policy coverage today.

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We’re here to support your growth by providing you with more than a policy. When you choose FCT, you get more protection, more solutions and more experience.

Do you have any questions about our E&O Extra® policy? Ask us in the comments.

This is for general information only. For specific coverage, please refer to your policy or an FCT representative.

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