How Pat Chetcuti helped write the story of Canada’s title insurance industry

Sep 14th, 2016 | By FCT

Determined is a good way to describe FCT’s current president and former COO, Patrick Chetcuti, who just happens to be the focus of one of the latest editions of the EXPERT/ease feature: Family comes first.

Since joining FCT in 1992, Pat’s people-first leadership style has been instrumental in launching title insurance in Canada and leading the evolution of the FCT we know today. A CAAMP Mortgage Hall of Famer, Pat’s passion for providing a customer and employee experience that exceeds expectations is what has set FCT apart as both an employer and a service provider.

Pat’s inspirational story which highlights the importance of setting precedents rather than looking back at them, is a tale generations in the making, and proof positive that with an undeterred spirit that makes the most of connections — both family and business — anything is possible.

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