How do you move a downtown?

Jan 28th, 2014 | By FCT

In the wake of yet another tragic event in my home province of Quebec at L’isle Vert, it is poignant to remember that it was less than a year ago that the tragedy in Lac-Megantic took place. While the media discusses the issues of rail car safety standards, the price tag of the environmental clean up and the bankruptcy proceedings of MMA Railway, Lac Megantic still faces a massive reconstruction effort. It is primarily the task of the Town, its residents and businesses to undertake this enormous challenge to rebuild the community and move the downtown.

How do you move a downtown? This is a complex and challenging process for the many businesses and residents who were affected by the worst rail disaster in Canadian history. Earlier this month I announced that in partnership with local Notary Me Alain Talbot, FCT will waive its fees for mortgage loan and/or homeowner title insurance for local residents and businesses needing to purchase new properties or refinance their existing properties as a result of the accident.

As a title insurance company we can assist these businesses and residents by providing free title insurance policies. Title insurance can assist in making these purchase and refinance transactions quicker and more efficient while providing piece of mind by insuring over many unknown title risks for these companies and individuals who may not have a lot to risk anymore. FCT Charitable Foundation also made a donation to Red Cross Disaster Relief in the Lac Megantic on behalf of FCT and its 800 employees across Canada, as FCT is committed to serving local communities.

For anyone wishing to get more information on how to access these free policies please contact Notary Talbot by telephone (819) 583-5556 or e-mail at or if you want to learn more about the free FCT policies in Lac Megantic, please comment below.

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