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Harnessing partnership to broker success

Today the broker segment represents over 30% of the mortgage industry and wields great influence regarding the acceptance of title insurance within the lending realm. Harnessing that partnership between lending and title insurance is what will ultimately differentiate business models and earn loyal customers for both sides.

“In a world where technology has made everything instant and transparent, it is always easier to find a better deal elsewhere. But the bottom line isn’t what keeps customers nor does it build loyalty. What really separates the good from the great in the title insurance business (or any business, for that matter) is customer experience,” says Colleen Preisner, Director of Marketing at FCT.

Experience Excellence

Most know that failing to meet customer expectations can be the downfall for any business. Therefore, focusing on the customer experience as a whole is important to moving beyond merely meeting expectations to exceeding them. Partners need to keep themselves relevant and constantly provide value in an ever changing market. In fact, that is the basic premise behind FCT’s promise of Experience Excellence™.

FCT sees all of its customers as valued partners — partners who can offer insight and best practices critical to strategic development and innovation. And more importantly, to service excellence.

Get an edge on the competition

In fact, FCT is launching a new free bi-monthly e-newsletter to do just that. Broker’s Edge will offer timely insider information to help busy brokers outshine the competition in an increasingly crowded marketplace. The thinking behind this newest electronic resource is to continue to find different ways in which to improve communication and the quality of dialogue between Brokers, FCT and Broker lenders. As a two-way street, FCT seeks to build a better, stronger relationship with brokers, while assisting them to process their refinances more efficiently through its exclusive list of participating Platinum lenders. Broker’s Edge will serve as an interactive, user-friendly, central source for all things FCT. It will focus on helping brokers make the most of the FCT’s highest level of service for lenders: the Platinum Service Refinance Program.

Broker’s Edge will examine the following areas in relation to its Platinum program:

  1. Closing best practices from the experts in our operations centers across Canada
  2. Market and sales insights developed by our business intelligence team
  3. New process innovations based on Broker’s feedback and collaboration with our lender partners
  4. Handy resources for document processing, sales contacts and operational help


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