Why you can count on FCT’s underwriting team

Jul 12th, 2018 | By FCT

Did you know that across the country, real estate is consistently one of the riskiest areas of law to practice?

From the beginning of a real estate transaction to long after the deal has closed, there is always a risk of errors or fraud.

FCT reduces some of that risk by protecting you and your customers with title insurance. Our in-house underwriting team has, on average, a decade of experience, and is highly skilled in assessing risk effectively and quickly, even for the most complex of deals. With the only certified fraud examiner in the industry on staff, you can count on us to help you detect and prevent fraud. We’ve prevented over $200 million dollars of fraudulent transactions, and helped our lawyer customers and their customers avoid the stress and financial loss associated with it. If fraud is perpetrated any time while the insured property owner holds the property, we compensate them for the legal fees paid to restore their title.

We also do our best to help your deals close on time by evaluating known risks and assuming certain risks. We know that not all deals are the same, so we offer customized coverage that works for you and if the time comes to file a claim—we’ll do our best to find coverage that applies. Our customers tell us that our ability to do this and look for ways to help a deal close is what really sets us apart.

To see for yourself how FCT’s underwriters can protect you and your clients, order title insurance from us today!

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