EasyFund is Now Available Directly Through The Conveyancer®


At FCT, we’re always looking for ways to make real estate transactions more efficient for everyone involved. To do this, it’s important to ensure that any new innovation is integrated easily and seamlessly into the existing closing process.

Do Process shares our goals to streamline practices and provide innovative solutions to the legal community. We’re happy to announce that EasyFund is now accessible directly through The Conveyancer platform*. This integration is another way we can provide our customers with greater efficiencies in the closing process. They can now enjoy a truly end-to-end solution through The Conveyancer.

“FCT has found the Holy Grail for Canadian real estate lawyers: electronic transfer of funds between solicitors… and now they’re making it even easier.” Mitch Kowalski, author, advisor and innovator in the global legal services industry.

EasyFund was created in response to a need from the legal community to provide greater efficiencies in the cumbersome practice of paper cheques delivered between offices during a real estate funding process. It is a secure online service that offers legal professionals the ability to safely manage the transfer of real estate closing funds, effectively reducing the need for certified cheques, bank drafts, direct deposits and couriers. It allows legal professionals to manage the payouts of a transaction quickly and easily without leaving the office.

Now, through our integration with The Conveyancer, the payout process can be completed securely and even more efficiently in two simple tabs.

How will this integration benefit you?

  • It will eliminate the need to re-key client information which saves you more time
  • Provide you with an end-to-end solution to process your deals
  • You will remain in control of the entire process
  • You will gain access to a larger network of lawyers who use EasyFund, making your transaction process easier

Join the growing network of law firms who already enjoy easier and faster closings with EasyFund by enrolling now! Contact us at 1.877.313.0505 or easyfund@fct.ca for more information.

*EasyFund is currently available in Ontario only.

4 Responses to “EasyFund is Now Available Directly Through The Conveyancer®”

  1. Ana Rodriguez says:


    We are interested in the Easy-Fund program through the conveyancer. Please provide more information at your earliest opportunity.


  2. Dianne Ryan says:

    We are interested in the Easy-Fund program through the conveyancer. Please provide more information at your earliest opportunity.

    • FCT says:

      Hi Dianne,

      Thank you for your interest. A member of our sales team will be reaching out to you with more information shortly. Have a great day.

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