Congratulations to CAAMP and its 2013 Mortgage Hall of Fame Inductees!

Nov 26th, 2013 | By Michael LeBlanc

Last year I remember sitting in the audience of the CAAMP Mortgage Hall of Fame Awards Night feeling very proud of FCT’s President, Pat Chetcuti for his induction into the Mortgage Hall of Fame. Pat was instrumental in designing a mortgage refinance process with title insurance that in the past two decades has saved borrowers millions of dollars on the cost of their mortgage and significantly decreased the time to fund for borrowers.

This year I would like to extend my congratulations on behalf of FCT to all the new inductees − Kathy Gregory, Paul Grewal, Brian Matthey, Grant Thomas and Debbie Thomas.

I am particularly delighted by the recognition for two new Mortgage Hall of Fame Inductees. I have had the pleasure to work with both Kathy Gregory and Paul Grewal for many years and can attest to the passion and expertise they have brought to this industry and to the organizations that they have represented. I know that all members of CAAMP recognize the challenges working in this industry that is highly scrutinized by government, the media and the public – as it should be. As those of us in the mortgage industry are well aware – a mortgage is for many the difference between owning and investing in your own appreciating asset as opposed to renting and paying for someone else’s investment vehicle.

Home ownership is the biggest financial investment most Canadians make and I have chosen the word “investment” not biggest “purchase,” although that may also be the case. A mortgage is the way of facilitating this investment in a residential property. So it is fitting that CAAMP is making its inductions into the Canadian Mortgage Hall of Fame during November which is also Financial Literacy Month. I know that all of the inductees are being admitted to the Mortgage Hall of Fame not only for their contributions to the industry and the profession, but also for all of the people that they have assisted in transitioning from renter to investor. And I am also aware of the resources that CAAMP continues to dedicate to financial literacy and increasing Canadians’ mortgage knowledge.

I congratulate all of the new Hall of Famers and I congratulate CAAMP for its commitment to financial literacy. Who deserves recognition in your industry? Will you nominate someone next year?

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