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Aug 13th, 2015 | By FCT

You may or may not know that FCT has recently launched a free bi-monthly e-newsletter called Broker’s Edge. Broker’s Edge provides timely content and handy tips to help brokers process refinances more efficiently through FCT’s Platinum Refinance Program and its participating lenders.

“Ask a Title Officer,” is an interactive section on Broker’s Edge where you get to ask questions of an FCT employee and benefit from their first-hand knowledge of the industry. With the help of their insight, tips and tricks, we hope to help you create smoother closings. In case you haven’t seen it yet, here is the first question that our FCT Title Officer, Gillian Baker addressed:

I love how your Platinum refi program offers convenience and cost savings for my borrower. Is there anything special I need to do to in order to close my first Platinum deal with FCT?

First off, thank you for choosing FCT for your refinance deal! And yes, there are definitely a few, simple things you can do to assist in a smooth and timely closing:

  • State that you want to use FCT for closing in your notes to the lender
  • Take time to introduce your client to FCT and our process by using the lender-specific borrower letters. To access the letters:
    • Go to the Platinum section for brokers on
    • Click on your participating lender
    • Select Borrower Letter in the Platinum Refinance section
  • Submit all pertinent documentation to the lender together at once
  • Ensure that the Request for Payout Statement and Authorization form is correct and completed in full and all check boxes (discharge, transfer, etc.) found at the top of the RSA form are checked, as needed
  • Use milestones as opportunities to follow up with your client and keep them involved and informed of next steps. You will receive a milestone at the following stages:
    • Deal received/started by FCT
    • Payout Statement ordered
    • Payout Statement received
    • Signing appointment date set (date will be included)
    • Funding complete
  • Ensure your borrower understands the role of the signing agent and that any and all questions should always be managed by you, not the signing agent

I hope that helps! Remember, you can always call our Broker Hotline at 1.855.500.3565 if you would like additional information or help with closing your first deal with FCT.

Need help? Want to learn more? Just ask!

Do you have a question you’d like to ask an FCT Title Officer? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Submit your question below and we might use it in an upcoming edition of Broker’s Edge.

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3 Responses to “Ask a title officer: volume 1”

  1. Julie Sanderson says:

    I have a client who is a 63 year old housewife and has never had a drivers license or any type of photo ID. Is there a workaround for obtaining photo ID for this type of borrower?

    • Audrey says:

      You can always direct your client here:

    • FCT says:

      Hi Julie,

      Each participating Lender has a specific list of accepted ID’s which can be located by clicking on the below link: from there click on the appropriate Lender logo and select the Borrower Letter under the “Platinum Refinance” section.

      However, generally speaking, both the Lender and FCT would need to review the borrower ID in any instance in which the ID presented does not strictly meet the requirements set out in the lender instructions. A determination of what is acceptable in lieu of photo ID would be made on a case by case basis.

      In order to ensure you client is prepared for the ID portion of their refinance, we suggest you connect with the Lender Underwriter to further clarify accepted ID’s in this instance.

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