Selling your home? Here’s what you should do


According to a recent RBC Home Ownership poll conducted by Ipsos, Canadians see the real-estate market as being balanced between buyers and sellers for the first time in five years.

While the market and regulatory environment are beyond a homeowner’s control, there are certain things you can do to maximize opportunity and profit. Here is a quick list to help you make the most of your selling experience before you even put your home up for sale.

  1. Ask yourself the important questions. Is now the best time to sell from both a personal and a marketability perspective? Do I want to make any major improvements to maximize my selling price? How much do I want/need to get in terms of a selling price?
  2. Prepare to have people in your home. Potential buyers will scrutinize your living space and you should be ready for the feedback—both positive and negative.
  3. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Do a thorough walk through, critiquing your home from their perspective. Making a few small touch-ups and repairs can make a big impression.
  4. Clean, de-clutter and de-personalize your home. It’s important to do this so prospective buyers can envision living in the space. For a complete listing of areas to consider when making your home look its best, click here.
  5. Gather paperwork. Make sure you have utility and tax bills, warranties, property surveys and permits so you can answer any questions for a prospective buyer.
  6. Maximize curb appeal. To create a powerful first impression, try these tips to make your home more inviting, as suggested by Better Homes and Gardens.
  7. Interview several realtors before selecting one to represent you. It is important to choose one that specializes in your area and type of home; one that has a solid reputation and valid credentials.
  8. Make your home stand out with a Home Protection Plan from FCT. You can get a pre-listing home inspection backed by an 18-month transferrable warranty on the major features of your home. By understanding what repairs your home needs, you can get in front of potential conditions that can slow or kill a deal. Visit for more information on how to put our innovative service offering to work for you.

Do you have any other tips to share?  Please share them below!